Streamlining the 

Merchant Mariner

Credentialing Process


 Electronic Application Submission Solution

We license proprietary software and can provide the background IT support for streamlining the application process at the USCG National Maritime Center.


MM-SEAS software is designed to issue credentials to fully qualified mariners in an effective and efficient manner reducing credential delivery time.

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Web Based and Supports Teleworking

We utilize cloud solution providers to meet FedRAMP Moderate, NIST 800-53 and NIST 800-171 IT security standards.

MM-SEAS software can allow merchant mariner evaluation specialists  processing and issuing Merchant Mariner Credentials to work from anywhere. 

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Provides Electronic Record Keeping

We can streamline maintaining mariner records by exceeding NARA record keeping requirements for direct entry into National Archives.

MM-SEAS software can ensure mariner credentialing documents are always available to NMC staff as well as CG-5P, CG-5PS and CG-MMC leadership.



Merchant mariners are a critical element in the Nation’s ability to meet national security needs and maintain economic vitality. These civilian mariners are required to have valid United States Coast Guard (USCG) Merchant Mariner Credentials to be onboard any commercial or federal ship in the United States.


Mariner Credential Service Government licenses Merchant Mariner Secure Electronic Application Software  (MM-SEAS). MM-SEAS is a proprietary software  solution adapted to streamline business operations for the USCG National Maritime Center by automating the manual of processing a USCG credential.

MM-SEAS will eliminate paperwork processing errors, speed up credentialing to hours verses months and helps support the USCG NMC mission of issuing credentials to fully qualified mariners in the most effective and efficient manner possible.




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